We know who has been in your stores, on your site and in your competitors' stores. And better yet, we know how to reach them.

Right now, US ecommerce sales are up 25%. Now is the time to drive intended buyers to your site. How? Relevant Reach uses digital browsing behavior and specific location visits (up to six months in the past) to identify customers ready to buy. We then deliver targeted digital ads and direct mail to engage and convert your future customers.


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GeoConquesting enables you to send direct mail and mobile ads to anyone who has visited a specific location in the past six months, such as a competitor’s store or special event. Our smart technology can determine a customer’s mobile identity when they are in a certain area and then send them mobile ads and physical mailers.


With EchoPost, we match digital browsing behavior to a unique identifier and physical mailing address. We then send intended buyers targeted mailers within days.

By reaching the people who are actively looking at your product or service, EchoPost provides an intelligent, omnichannel approach.

Our turnkey services can help you launch your campaign in a matter of days

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Relevant Reach is a division of Fry Communications. With a heritage in print and a focus on new technology, Fry is one of the nation’s largest privately held communications companies and was established over 75 years ago.