Data and List Management Solutions | Fry Communications, Inc

Data and List Management Solutions

Relevant Reach offers the following data and list management solutions to assist in our customer's catalog marketing and customer acquisition efforts.

Response Analytics

  • Custom Data Analytics: Nimble, data driven, experienced technical experts leverage client and prospect data to better target your customers. With years of experience, we walk through your needs and provide savvy advice to improve your data performance.
  • Look-alike Modeling: Look-alike modeling uses over 600 consumer data points spanning across multiple categories of variables to better under-stand what makes your customers unique and different from everyone else in their market geography in order identify your best next customer.
  • Response Modeling: Response modeling enables you to score a list of prospects and improve subsequent iterations of a direct mail campaign by using over 600 consumer data points spanning across multiple categories of variables to optimize your response rate, and determine through an ROI analysis what percentage of prospects should be mailed again.
  • Data Sourcing: Uses the models above to ensure you are mailing to the best prospects.

Message Genius

Our Fry partner, Genius Group, creates customer- experience-based models that help create more meaningful connections between the customer and the seller. Our science uncovers a person's hidden preference through a patented process created by a world renowned scientist, Dr. Howard Moskowitz. This proven process complements existing traditional segmentation (demographic, psychographic, behavioral, etc.) because how someone is motivated towards a purchase has nothing to do with how they look, act, or behave. Once these segments are identified, there is clear direction provided on what to say and not say in your marketing to each customer that will lead to the best possible outcome and satisfied purchase.


  • Retargeting That Hits Home: 80% of your web traffic is unknown and leaves before buying. Fry's EchoPost Retargeting product allows you to mail to these valuable prospect homes.
  • GeoConquesting: EchoPost GeoConquesting allows you to mail to anyone who has attended an event or visited your competitor’s locations by mapping mobile devices to a specific location and matching them back to a home address. We can also push display ads to their devices and computers at home as an added marketing tactic.