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Postage Rate Increase Approved

On November 8, 2017, the Postal Rate Commission approved the proposed rate structure for 2018. The increases become effective on January 21, 2018.

The proposed rates vary based on the class of mail, the presort levels and drop ship discounts. Each publication, catalog, or other mail piece may have a different rate increase percentage. But the average increase across all classes of mail is approximately 2%. Some titles or mailings may be more than 2% and others may be lower than 2%, but for budget purposes, most clients are using the average of 2%.

Here's a summary of the increases to the Mail Classes most Fry customers mail under:

First Class Stamp: $ .49 increases to $.50.

Marketing Mail (Standard Mail) LETTERS: 0% to 1.72% increase depending on presort levels

Marketing Mail (Standard Mail) FLATS: 0.46% to 1.72% increase depending on presort levels

Periodicals: 1.84% to 1.93% increase depending on presort levels

The charts below provide more detail on all the mail classes.

  Class of Mail                  
  Average increase
First Class 1.905%
Marketing Mail (Standard) 1.908%
Periodicals 1.924%
Package Service (BPM) 1.960%
Special Service 1.960%
Permit Application No increase








  Marketing Mail (Standard)
  Average increase
Letters 1.970%
Flats 2.118%
Parcels 2.768%
High Density/Saturation Letters 2.378%
High Density/Saturation Flats 1.086%
Carrier Routes 2.031%
OVERALL 1.908%


  Average Increase
Outside County 1.927%
In-County 1.935%
OVERALL 1.924%