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Adding Impact with High-End Print Effects

In this digital age, major discourses are simply floating in cyberspace, never to be seen again once the next "hot topic" pushes it off the page. How do you remind consumers of the value of the printed word?

Make it memorable, with inline cold foil, spot and dull UV coating, diecutting, and embossing effects. Think that's beyond your budget? Think again. Fry's newest one-of-a-kind custom press features inline cold foil, multiple UV coaters, embossing/debossing units, and die cut units all in line, under one roof.

This press creates pieces that stand out from the crowd and immediately increase the perceived value of any print material, while streamlining the production process since all of those "wow" effects are produced in a single press pass.

What was formerly accomplished on multiple pieces of equipment, or multiple vendors in different locations, Fry now produces in-line, faster and more economically. No more searching for specialty vendors, adding time to schedules, worrying about the hazards of shipping from vendor to vendor, or coordinating production specifications and schedules to meet a commitment date.

Go from a magazine publisher to a MEGAzine publisher with high end print effects.

Stand out on the newsstand and lift your sell-through.

A high-impact cover jumps out from the competition either in reader's hands, inbox or on a newsstand, as every publisher knows. Imagine your best-selling cover image decorated with foil and spot gloss and how that would appear to a shopper that is scanning the airport newsstand!

Increase the (shelf) lifespan by increasing the perceived value of your magazine, catalog, or directory.

People hate to throw away beautiful and unique things. Capitalize on the urge to keep those special things, and add foil and other effects to commemorative programs, game day programs, anniversary issues, special seasonal catalogs, and independent directories of all kinds.

Create memorable knockout advertising or inserts for a valued client that will surely get noticed.

Your advertisers' main concern: response. What better way to spur response than an advertisement utilizing foil? Imagine a jewelry store ad featuring engagement sets that really are silver and gold. Our prepress experts can work with you to achieve the desired effect through a combination of foil and coatings.

Add impact to direct mailings, including loyalty campaigns or event invitations, with unique postcards and other direct mail packages.

Successful direct mail pieces rely on first impressions - and what's more impressive than a postcard sparkling with reflective foil, a peek-a-boo die cut window revealing a discount, or a holographic image that is embossed on a membership card? Likewise, your company's special events - such as the 25th anniversary - deserve unique invitations and supplemental event materials. Not only can Fry print the knockout direct mail piece, we can complete all aspects of the mailing itself with our extensive, onsite, direct mail and lettershop services.

To see for yourself the impact that adding high-end print effects can have, request a sample package and further information by emailing, or calling 1-800-334-1429, ext 1404.