Fry Communications Announces Launch of Fry Ready Page and Fry ReADy Ad Portal | Fry Communications, Inc

Fry Communications Announces Launch of Fry Ready Page and Fry ReADy Ad Portal

Mechanicsburg, PA - 2/28/05 - Fry Communications recently launched two web-based premedia solutions: Fry Ready Page and Fry ReADy Ad Portal.

Fry Ready Page is an automated page submission system which allows any publisher with Internet Access and a web browser to submit Plate Ready Page Files into live production, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The pages can be set up to automatically preflight, normalize, and create a virtual proof upon submission to Fry. This means quick feedback on file validation, proof availability, and page approvals for the publisher.

Fry ReADy Ad Portal facilitates the processing of supplied PDF or Postscript advertising files through the preproduction cycle. The system is based on a custom web-advertising portal, a preflight system that provides links to e-mail and database systems, and a simple job ticketing system for tracking of the ads as they are processed and delivered.

The customized Fry ReADy Ad Portal interface has the look and feel of the publisher's website or branding strategy. It allows advertisers to submit and preflight ads from anywhere in the world utilizing a standard web browser.

Fry ReADy Ad Portal is integrated with Fry's internal preflight software engine and server. The preflight engine processes the ad and provides the preflight analysis report back to the online system. The results of the analysis are processed, stored in the database and communicated back to both production staff and the advertiser. Administrative reporting features make it easy to monitor usage and transactions. Publishers are provided with a digital advertising gateway as well as an online digital repository of advertising page assets.

Since 1935, Fry Communications Inc. has continually expanded and diversified to meet the needs of its customers. As one of the nation's largest privately held integrated communications companies, Fry provides category-leading premedia, printing, distribution, fulfillment, and digital publishing services to its growing customer base. Fry's consultative approach coupled with its diverse resources, respected expertise, and surprising flexibility delivers "out of the box" solutions to today's challenges - from web presses to the World Wide Web.