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Thumb Media Group Debuts Mozine™ 4.0 with New Advertising Platform on NYLON Mobile App

Washington, D.C. (March 10, 2011) — The mobile edition of NYLON magazine received an update with the debut of the Mozine™ 4.0 from mobile publishing provider Thumb Media Group (TMG). In addition to a new operating platform, the Mozine™ for NYLON now features integrated advertising campaigns from top Fortune 500 brands.

“With each release, TMG strives to create an app that is more in tune with its audience,” said Mike Cartabiano, CEO, TMG. “The Mozine™ 4.0 offers both a more satisfying user experience and added benefits for publishers, including a first-of-its-kind advertising solution.”

For the NYLON mobile app, TMG partnered with mobile ad agency iVdopia to run pre-app commercials from major advertisers. The video advertisements run on the load screen, instead of on the phone’s native video player, which allows advertisers to share messages without pulling users away the content. This new HTML5 video technology—known ad VDO—is exclusive to iVdopia and its partners. TMG plans to work with iVdopia on other titles as well.

Beyond this new ad capability, the Mozine™ 4.0 provides other improvements for publishers:

  • Various pricing models from ad-supported to subscription-based
  • New ad-serving platform, powered by mOcean Mobile and allowing publishers to sell directly to advertising clients
  • Advanced reporting, with Google Analytics to measure user metrics and engagements
  • Additional user interface designs and enhanced, one-step content management system

New consumer-facing features of the Mozine™ 4.0 include:

  • Offline viewing option once a Mozine™ is downloaded
  • Robust content data feeds with faster downloads of all content, including photo images and video
  • Fully integrated media so that users do not need to leave the app to access content
  • Updated photo gallery layout with optional captions and landscape view
  • Enhanced functionality on all BlackBerry models using OS 4.6 or higher

“Mobile advertising is all about maximizing time and space,” said Ryan McConville, Director of Business Development, iVdopia. “Where Thumb Media Group optimizes magazine content for Smartphone distribution, iVdopia does the same for advertisers. The Mozine™ for NYLON has proven to be a huge success for our clients, and we look forward to future partnerships.”

About Thumb Media Group

Founded in 2009 by experts in wireless and digital development with roots in magazine publishing Thumb Media Group (TMG) is the creator of the MOZINE™, a one stop mobile publishing solution for content providers seeking to reach iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad users simultaneously and seamlessly. With a deep and unique understanding of the mobile and online challenges facing the publishing industry, TMG offers an end-to-end service that delivers compelling consumers experiencest on all major Smartphones and distribution through all key distribution channels. Thumb Media Group is division of Fry Communications, Inc. and National Publisher Services.

About iVdopia

iVdopia is a leading video and rich media mobile advertising platform that provides a unified mobile video ad experience across all devices, applications and the mobile web regardless of operating system or hardware. In January 2011, iVdopia received the Red Herring Global 100 award. The honor recognizes the leading start-up companies from North America, Europe and Asia.