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Thumb Media Group Unveils Upgrades to Mozine Platform

Mechanicsburg, PA — 9/22/11— Thumb Media Group®, developer of the MOZINE® mobile publishing solution and part of the Fry Family Network™, is pleased to announce several improvements to the platform. These upgrades improve the MOZINE® experience for the reader and also impact the profitability of offering the MOZINE® for the publisher.

For the consumer, all of the upgrades add up to a much faster and more user-friendly experience. Download speeds and load times between pages are greatly improved, the content is now available for offline viewing and a sleek new image gallery layout has been developed.

“The improvement in reader experience is tremendous,” said Jared Katzman, VP of Sales and Marketing at TMG. “Reader expectations in terms of load times and app features continue to grow, and the developers at TMG have kept pace with those expectations.”

On the publisher side, TMG simplified and streamlined the workflow required to “mobilize” publisher content.  Using proprietary screen scraping technology, TMG grabs and formats content properly for all major mobile screens.

“This new technology completely eliminates the coding that used to be a standard part of the workflow on the publisher’s end in order to have their content correctly port over to the MOZINE®,” said Katzman. “Screen scraping is more efficient. It allows the publication staff to focus on creating content, not coding for mobile.”

In addition to the user benefits and the improved workflow, TMG allows its clients to offer mobile subscription packages.  Publishers can now offer content packages for 1 month, 6 months or 12 months.  TMG can also support a free download model with paid access to premium content.

“Offering subscription options increases the likelihood that people will subscribe,” said Katzman. “They like having that control, and they know best what will fit their budget.”

The other exciting news about MOZINE® is the shrinking cost.  As with other technology, features are increasing while the publisher’s cost is decreasing. TMG has realigned its pricing structure so that a smaller monthly investment will yield a MOZINE® that keeps readers informed and interacting with their brand everywhere.


About Thumb Media Group®:  Founded in 2009 by experts in wireless and digital development with roots in magazine publishing, Thumb Media Group® (TMG) is the creator of the MOZINE®, a one stop mobile publishing solution for content providers seeking to reach iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad users simultaneously and seamlessly. With a deep and unique understanding of the mobile and online challenges facing the publishing industry, TMG offers an end-to-end service that delivers compelling consumer experiences to all major smartphones and distribution through all key channels. Thumb Media Group® is a division of Fry Communications, Inc. and National Publisher Services, Inc.

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