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ThumbMedia Group Unlocks Multi-Platform App Distribution

Washington, D.C. (September 16, 2010) - As publishers scramble to make their content mobile and platform agnostic, ThumbMedia Group (TMG) is ahead of the curve with a one-stop solution: the Mozine(TM). Featuring cross-platform technology and distribution, TMG develops scalable apps to reach iPhone, Android and Blackberry users simultaneously and seamlessly.

"While the Blackberry remains the frontrunner among Smartphone companies, the iPhone continues to grow its user base and the Android is quickly gaining momentum, with units predicted to outsell both the iPhone and Blackberry combined this year," said Mike Cartabiano, CEO, TMG. "The landscape is becoming more and more diversified and content publishers can no longer afford to focus on one device - it is imperative that they deliver across all platforms."

TMG has signed on two major titles to receive the first Mozine(TM) makeovers, which will be announced in September.

An end-to-end service, TMG manages the Mozine(TM) creation process from the backend technology to the customer interface. With guidance from the publishing, editorial and marketing teams, TMG builds the app, creates the content package, secures prime placement on app storefronts, promotes the finished product and provides consumer feedback metrics. Once the Mozine(TM) hits the virtual shelves, TMG maintains the app with updates and refreshed content, enhancing interaction with the current users and maximizing adoption among prospective audiences.

"The Mozine(TM) not only enhances brand representation in the mobile space, but also offers publishers the opportunity to penetrate the global marketplace, a previously untouchable demographic for print magazines because of high shipping costs and U.S.-specific advertisements," added Cartabiano.

In addition, the Mozine(TM) gives publishers access to three new revenue streams: app subscriptions, advertising and mobile storefront transactions. TMG manages the submission process to all the major application stores including the App Store, BlackBerry App World, Android Market and Verizon Wireless V CAST App Store, and also sources advertisements through established ad networks like iAd, AdMob and Millennial Media. Alternatively, TMG designs and deploys ad campaigns sold by the publisher. For mobile storefront transactions, TMG integrates with existing online stores or creates new ones for the Mozine(TM) platform.

Partners in TMG, National Publisher Services, Inc. and Fry Communications, Inc. provide deep roots in magazine publishing that complements TMG's expertise in wireless and digital development. With knowledge and experience that covers the spectrum of mobile content creation, TMG offers a streamlined solution for publishers seeking a new, cost-effective distribution channel.